Einstein Toolkit and TCAN Workshops at RIT

This week I participated at two very interesting workshops at the Rochester Institute of Technology: the Einstein Toolkit and the TCAN meeting. I gave a talk on wednesday presenting some applications of my WhiskyMHD code to binary neutron star mergers (below you can find the YouTube video of my talk).

Both workshops were successful and with very interesting discussions about the future of the Einstein Toolkit and our plan for the next year of our TCAN international collaboration funded by NASA. Many young researchers joined both meetings indicating a strong potential growth for the field of numerical relativity applied at astrophysical sources.

La prima immagine di un buco nero: storia della foto del secolo

Oggi, su invito degli studenti e delle studentesse di UNITiN, ho presentato i risultati della collaborazione Event Horizon Telescope. Le slides del mio seminario sono adesso disponibili in formato pdf. Il video del seminario è al momento accessibile via Facebook. Più di 300 studenti sono stati presenti all’evento che è stato anche trasmesso in diretta video via Facebook. Il lavoro svolto dall’associazione UNITiN è stato eccellente come al solito e mi ha fatto piacere partecipare.

Binary Neutron Star Mergers with Modern Microscopic Nuclear EOS

I just gave a talk on Binary Neutron Star Mergers with Modern Microscopic Nuclear EOS at the GWEOS-2019 Workshop this February in Pisa (Italy). The talk focused mainly on the new simulations performed by my group with a new equation of state and presented also some open problems in GRMHD simulations of binary neutron star mergers.

EM Emission and Nucleosynthesis from NS-NS Mergers

Almudena Arcones, Marius Eichler, and I wrote a chapter for a book edited by the former EU COST Action “NewCompStar”. The chapter is titled “Electromagnetic Emission and Nucleosynthesis from Neutron Star Binary Mergers” and it is part of the book “The Physics and Astrophysics of Neutron Stars” published by Springer. In this chapter you can find a review of the current state of the art in the field of electromagnetic emission and nucleosynthesis from neutron star binaries (NS-NS and NS-BH systems).

Einstein Toolkit Tutorial

This week I gave a lecture and a tutorial on the Einstein Toolkit at the PRACE school “HPC methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Astrophysics” in Rome, Italy. The slides of my lecture can be found here, while the tutorial is accessible on my web page.

Review talk on BNS mergers at PSI2

The slides from my review talk on numerical simulations of binary neutron star mergers can now be found online here. The talk is part of the PSI2 workshop on “Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae”.

Off-Axis Jets from Neutron Star Merger

Our recent article on the interpretation of the afterglow of GRB 170817A published on PRL has been featured on Physics by the American Physical Society.

Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars!!!

Today the LIGO and Virgo collaboration announced the first detection of gravitational waves from binary neutron star mergers (GW170817). This was exciting already, but even more exciting was the announcement of the detection of several electromagnetic counterparts, from gamma to radio, and in particular the clear association with a short gamma-ray burst. We finally know what causes short GRBs!

Here you can watch a video from a simulation of a binary neutron star merger by me and my collaborators and that was also featured on Nature in an article describing this new exciting discovery.

The Fate of Merging Neutron Stars

One of my latest articles (Piro, Giacomazzo, Perna 2017) has been recently featured by the American Astronomical Society on AASNova. The full article can be accessed for free here.

Talk at INT in Seattle available on line

On July 31 I gave a talk at the INT workshop “Observational Signatures of r-process Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers” on “Magnetic Field Effects in the Post-Merger Phase of Binary Neutron Stars”. The slides of my talk are available online in pdf format together with the other workshop talks.

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