This is our first 8K resolution video of a magnetized binary neutron star merger. It is based on results from the Ciolfi et al 2017 paper and shows the merger of an equal-mass system producing a long-lived supramassive neutron star.

This movie was used to open the October 16 2017 press conference at NSF (Washington DC, USA) to announce the first discovery of a gravitational-wave signal from a binary neutron star merger and it was also featured on a Nature News article. The movie was produced by my group in Trento and used data from Kawamura et al 2016.

This is instead a collection of movies of binary neutron star merger simulations produced by my group in 2016.


Visualization by: W. Kastaun, A. Endrizzi, R. Ciolfi
Simulations from:
Endrizzi et al 2016
Kawamura et al 2016
Kastaun et al 2016
Ciolfi et al 2017