This is the list of my scientific publications (h-index=38, more than 5000 citations). Please note that this list does not include LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration papers (my full list of publications can be found here). All the links point to the NASA Astrophysics Data System where both the publicly accessible version of the papers (as posted on the arxiv) and the published versions can be downloaded.

Submitted Papers (not yet published):

  1. Cipolletta Federico, Kalinani Jay, Giangrandi Edoardo, Giacomazzo Bruno, Ciolfi Riccardo, Sala Lorenzo, Giudici Beatrice 2020, Spritz: General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics with Neutrinos
  2. Salafia Om S., Giacomazzo Bruno 2020, Accretion-to-jet energy conversion efficiency in GW170817

Published Papers:

  1. Ricci Roberto et al 2020, Searching for the radio remnants of short duration gamma-ray bursts
  2. Cipolletta Federico, Kalinani Jay, Giacomazzo Bruno, Ciolfi Riccardo 2020, Spritz: a new fully general-relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code
  3. Endrizzi Andrea, Perego Albino, Fabbri Francesco M., Branca Lorenzo, Radice David, Bernuzzi Sebastiano, Giacomazzo Bruno, Pederiva Francesco, Lovato Alessandro 2020, Thermodynamics conditions of matter in the neutrino decoupling region during neutron star mergers
  4. Ciolfi Riccardo, Kastaun Wolfgang, Kalinani Jay Vijay, Giacomazzo Bruno 2019, First 100 ms of a long-lived magnetized neutron star formed in a binary neutron star merger
  5. Endrizzi Andrea, Logoteta Domenico, Giacomazzo Bruno, Bombaci Ignazio, Kastaun Wolfgang, Ciolfi Riccardo 2018, Effects of Chiral Effective Field Theory Equation of State on Binary Neutron Star Mergers
  6. Lazzati Davide, Perna Rosalba, Morsony Brian, López-Cámara Diego, Cantiello Matteo, Ciolfi Riccardo, Giacomazzo Bruno, Workman Jared 2018, Late time afterglow observations reveal a collimated relativistic jet in the ejecta of the binary neutron star merger GW170817
  7. Kelly Bernard, Baker John, Etienne Zachariah, Giacomazzo Bruno, Schnittman Jeremy 2017, Prompt Electromagnetic Transients from Binary Black Hole Mergers
  8. Kastaun Wolfgang, Ciolfi Riccardo, Endrizzi Andrea, Giacomazzo Bruno 2017, Structure of Stable Binary Neutron Star Merger Remnants: Role of Initial Spin
  9. Piro Anthony, Giacomazzo Bruno, Perna Rosalba 2017, The Fate of Neutron Star Binary Mergers
  10. Ciolfi Riccardo, Kastaun Wolfgang, Giacomazzo Bruno, Endrizzi Andrea, Siegel Daniel, Perna Rosalba 2017, General relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers forming a long-lived neutron star
  11. Kastaun Wolfgang, Ciolfi Riccardo, Giacomazzo Bruno 2016, Structure of Stable Binary Neutron Star Merger Remnants: a Case Study
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  13. Endrizzi Andrea, Ciolfi Riccardo, Giacomazzo Bruno, Kastaun Wolfgang, Kawamura Takumu 2016, General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers with the APR4 Equation of State
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