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My latest APS talk is now available on line

My latest talk at the “April” meeting of the American Physical Society that was held in Washington DC from January 28 to 31 2017 is now available on line on the conference web page. In this talk I presented a short overview of the most important results of our latest paper on “General relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers forming a long-lived neutron star“.

That session included also other interesting talks about neutron star simulations and magnetic fields, and many of those talks can also be downloaded from the APS April meeting web page.

Report on my PRACE project now available on GCS webpage

giacomazzo_grsimstar_01The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) has now published online my report on my latest PRACE project “GRSimStar – General Relativistic Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers”. The report is written in a way that can (hopefully) be understood by the general public and includes also a short movie from one of my simulations. Enjoy!

Messages from the Abyss

neutron_star_accretionJILA published a research highlight on my recent work on “General Relativistic Simulations of Accretion Induced Collapse of Neutron Stars to Black Holes“. The text can be found on JILA webpage at https://jila.colorado.edu/news-highlights/messages-abyss.

Simulations Uncover ‘Flashy’ Secrets of Merging Black Holes

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center circulated a press release on my recent paper published on the Astrophysical Journal Letters and titled “General Relativistic Simulations of Magnetized Plasmas around Merging Supermassive Black Holes“. The press release can be found at http://www.nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/black-hole-secrets.html.

Colliding Neutron Stars Create Black Hole and Gamma-ray Burst

NASA circulated a press release on my article published on the Astrophysical Journal Letters: “The Missing Link: Merging Neutron Stars Naturally Produce Jet-like Structures and Can Power Short Gamma-ray Bursts“. The press release can be found here and more video and images can also be found here.

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