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Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars!!!

Today the LIGO and Virgo collaboration announced the first detection of gravitational waves from binary neutron star mergers (GW170817). This was exciting already, but even more exciting was the announcement of the detection of several electromagnetic counterparts, from gamma to radio, and in particular the clear association with a short gamma-ray burst. We finally know what causes short GRBs!

Here you can watch a video from a simulation of a binary neutron star merger by me and my collaborators and that was also featured on Nature in an article describing this new exciting discovery.

The Fate of Merging Neutron Stars

One of my latest articles (Piro, Giacomazzo, Perna 2017) has been recently featured by the American Astronomical Society on AASNova. The full article can be accessed for free here.

Public outreach talk by the cWB group in Trento

Today Giovanni Prodi and his collaborators gave an excellent public outreach talk on the discovery of gravitational waves and their important contribution to this amazing result. The video below is in Italian and was filmed at the University of Trento.

Gravitational Waves!

Today the discovery of gravitational waves was finally announced. Below you can find the video of the NSF press conference and a simple video explaining what gravitational waves are 🙂

Messages from the Abyss

neutron_star_accretionJILA published a research highlight on my recent work on “General Relativistic Simulations of Accretion Induced Collapse of Neutron Stars to Black Holes“. The text can be found on JILA webpage at

Simulations Uncover ‘Flashy’ Secrets of Merging Black Holes

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center circulated a press release on my recent paper published on the Astrophysical Journal Letters and titled “General Relativistic Simulations of Magnetized Plasmas around Merging Supermassive Black Holes“. The press release can be found at

Colliding Neutron Stars Create Black Hole and Gamma-ray Burst

NASA circulated a press release on my article published on the Astrophysical Journal Letters: “The Missing Link: Merging Neutron Stars Naturally Produce Jet-like Structures and Can Power Short Gamma-ray Bursts“. The press release can be found here and more video and images can also be found here.

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