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Einstein Toolkit and TCAN Workshops at RIT

This week I participated at two very interesting workshops at the Rochester Institute of Technology: the Einstein Toolkit and the TCAN meeting. I gave a talk on wednesday presenting some applications of my WhiskyMHD code to binary neutron star mergers (below you can find the YouTube video of my talk).

Both workshops were successful and with very interesting discussions about the future of the Einstein Toolkit and our plan for the next year of our TCAN international collaboration funded by NASA. Many young researchers joined both meetings indicating a strong potential growth for the field of numerical relativity applied at astrophysical sources.

Talk at INT in Seattle available on line

On July 31 I gave a talk at the INT workshop “Observational Signatures of r-process Nucleosynthesis in Neutron Star Mergers” on “Magnetic Field Effects in the Post-Merger Phase of Binary Neutron Stars”. The slides of my talk are available online in pdf format together with the other workshop talks.

Plenary talk at the EPS Conference on Plasma Physics

Two weeks ago I gave a plenary talk on “General Relativistic MagnetoHydroDynamic Simulations: a Review and Status Report” at the European Physical Society 44th Conference on Plasma Physics (Belfast, Northern Ireland). The pdf version of my talk is now available online.

EWASS 2017 review talk

Two weeks ago I gave a review talk on “Merging Neutron Stars as Tools for Fundamental Physics” at the S13 session on “The multi­frequency gravitational wave universe” at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (June 26 – 30 2017, Prague, Czech Republic). The slides of my talk can be found here in pdf format.

Talk on “EM Counterparts of LIGO-Virgo Events” at INAF

Yesterday I attended the “INAF after GW150914” meeting in Rome. I was asked to give a short theoretical overview on electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources (pdf slides can be downloaded here). The focus of the meeting was to better understand the important role that the Italian Astrophysical Research Institute (INAF) can play in the gravitational wave era. The whole meeting was broadcasted live and you can watch it (in Italian) on INAF YouTube channel. Below instead you can listen to my talk (in Italian).

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