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Exact Riemann Solver for Relativistic MHD

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The solution of a Riemann problem consists in determining the evolution of a fluid which is initially characterized by two uniform states with different values of density, pressure, velocity and magnetic field. Riemann solvers, either exact or approximate, are used in modern numerical codes for the solution of the equations of hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics in both special and general relativity (see this review for more details).

During my PhD at SISSA I developed the first exact Riemann solver for the equations of special relativistic MHD with generic initial states. The numerical code implementing this exact solver is freely available for download and it has been used to test several numerical codes and to produce new scientific results. If you already have username and password then simply click here. Otherwise send me an email and I will give you all the information needed to download and use it.

The exact solver implements both an ideal fluid equation of state and a Synge-type EOS. Solutions obtained with the latter are described in Meliani et al 2008 A&A 491, 321-337.

Below you can find a map of some of the places where it has been used. If you see a mistake or if a place is missing, simply contact me. Thanks!

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This is the list (probably incomplete) of the papers that made use of it: