Research Interests:



Exact Riemann Solver for Relativistic MHD

Scientific Visualization


Publicly Available Data

My main field of research is computational astrophysics. I'm in particular interested in the simulations of compact objects, such as black holes and neutron stars, gravitational waves, and gamma-ray bursts. To study these objects I developed a fully general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code named Whisky.

I am also interested in scientific visualization both as a tool to analyze data produced by numerical simulations and as an instrument to present to colleagues and/or to a more general public the results of my work.

The list of my collaborators includes at the moment the following persons:
Miguel A. Aloy (University of Valencia, Spain), Luca Baiotti (University of Osaka, Japan), John Baker (NASA GSFC, USA), Sebastiano Bernuzzi (University of Jena, Germany), Joan Centrella (NASA GSFC, USA), Giovanni Corvino (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy), Thibault Damour (IHES, France), Jose Font (University of Valencia, Spain), Jonathan Granot (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Philip E. Hardee (University of Alabama, USA), Dieter H. Hartmann (Clemson University, USA), Thorsten Kellermann (AEI, Germany), Rony Keppens (University of Leuven, Belgium), Chryssa Kouveliotou (NASA MSFC, USA), David Link (Humboldt University, Germany), Sean T. McWilliams (Columbia University, USA), Zakaria Meliani (University of Leuven, Belgium), James van Meter (NASA GSFC, USA), Cole Miller (University of Maryland, USA), Yosuke Mizuno (NSSTC/UAH, USA), Alessandro Nagar (IHES, France), Shigehiro Nagataki (Kyoto University, Japan), Ken-Ichi Nishikawa (NSSTC/UAH, USA), Rosalba Perna (Stony Brook University, USA), Roberto De Pietri (University of Parma, Italy), Chris Reynolds (University of Maryland, USA), Luciano Rezzolla (Frankfurt University, Germany), Nikolaos Stergioulas (University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Shin'ichiorou Yoshida (University of Tokyo, Japan), Bing Zhang (University of Nevada, USA).