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This is the list of my scientific publications (h-index=19, more than 1000 citations). All the links point to the NASA Astrophysics Data System where both the publicly accessible version of the papers (as posted on the arxiv) and the published versions can be downloaded.

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Published Papers:

  1. Giacomazzo B., Zrake J., Duffell P., MacFadyen A. I., Perna R. 2015, Producing Magnetar Magnetic Fields in the Merger of Binary Neutron Stars, ApJ, 809, 39
  2. Dall'Osso S., Giacomazzo B., Perna R., and Stella L. 2015, Gravitational waves from massive magnetars formed in binary neutron star mergers, ApJ, 798, 25
  3. Andersson N., Baker J., Belczynski K., Bernuzzi S., Berti E., Cadonati L., Cerda-Duran P., Clark J., Favata M., Finn L. S., Fryer C., Giacomazzo B., et al 2013, The Transient Gravitational-Wave Sky, Classical and Quantum Gravity, 30, 193002 (note: I was one of the main authors and responsible in particular of section IIA "Compact Object Binaries and Short Gamma-ray Bursts" and of the Conclusions)
  4. Read J. S., Baiotti L., Creighton J. D. E., Friedman J. L., Giacomazzo B., Kyutoku K., Markakis C., Rezzolla L., Shibata M., Taniguchi K. 2013, Matter effects on binary neutron star waveforms, Phys. Rev. D, 88, 044042
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